CityMar Translation and Legalization Agency recruits translators for:

– Work as freelance translators.
– Work as a sworn translator on a freelance basis.


Translators wishing to be registered as a “sworn translator” must submit the following documents:

1. A notarized copy of the document about the completed language education or the type and degree of the acquired language qualification.
The degree of language proficiency should be proved by providing copies of the following documents:
a / А notarized copy of the diploma about completed higher education in the relevant language with GPA not less than 4.50. Academic minor in the relevant language related to the completed higher education.
b / A notarized copy of the diploma of higher education or postgraduate qualification obtained, for which a fluency in the language is required upon admission and attested with a diploma or finished with dissertation in the relevant language, with GPA of the diploma not less than 4.50.
c / A notarized copy of the diploma of finished language school in Bulgaria or a school in another country, with whose official language the translator applies, as GPA should be at least 4.50.
d / A notarized copy of the diploma of completed higher education in the relevant academic major, at which one takes a state final qualification exam in a foreign language, if the mark is at least 4.50.
e / A notarized copy of an internationally recognized certificate of a language proficiency level. Whenever the diplomas under review are issued by foreign schools or universities, it is necessary for the same first to be legalized and authenticated at the Ministry of Education and Science. At the presentation of a foreigner’s diploma, besides the relevant language proficiency, it is also necessary to submit a document, which certifies proficiency in Bulgarian language.
2. Statement
A notarized statement under art. 290, para. 2 of Bulgaria’s Criminal Code, by means of which the translator states, that is responsible for the authenticity of the translations made by him and other papers. In the same formal written statement, one also stipulates the translation agency for which he/she will work.
3. The specimen signature, which one will affix on the translated documents.
The authorized translators will be able to carry out official translations of formal documents.

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