15% discount for translation of specialized medical documents and texts.
15% discount for translation of specialized medical documents and texts.
* The promotion is valid: until May 15, 2020.

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10% discount for translation of more than 100 pages.
* The promotion is valid: until September 30, 2020.

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5% discount on the translation and legalization price for all new customers.

* The promotion is valid: until September 30, 2020.

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All our translators have signed a confidentiality statement, by virtue of which they assume the obligation to guarantee the confidentiality and nondisclosure of the information contained in the translation documents.

Precision and accuracy

The translations, made by us, feature guaranteed precision and accuracy, being adapted to the linguistic and cultural specifics of the region or of the target auditorium, for which they are intended.

Permanent control

We ensure permanent control over the quality of the services provided, in accordance with the requirements, instructions and deadlines set by our clients.

Free consultations

We offer free, professional consultation and information on any issue related to legalized translations and documentations.

Express, professional and high-quality translations from and to all languages.
What do we offer?
Types of services offered by CityMar Translation and Legalization Agency

Official translation

Carried out by an authorized translator, includes verification and collation of the factual data. The translation should be signed by the respective translator, by means of which he/she certifies its truthfulness and bears responsibility for its authenticity.

Specialized translation

Official translation with style editing and additional terminology editing by a consultant.

Legalized translation

Translation, authenticated in the Consular Relations Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Making and interpreting of an audio recording.


Interpreting with delay is commonly used during business interpretations, public lectures or training sessions with a small number of participants. The Price is fixed per hour (for one or two interpreters) depending on the nature of the event.


Technical devices are used for the doing of interpreting. Interpreting at the moment of speaking is usually necessary in conferences, public lectures or presentations with a large number of participants. This translation is done by a team of two interpreters. The price is set per day for the team.


Accompaniment is not interpreting by itself, but rather an assistance in making contacts, shopping, travelling, and accommodating foreigners or other situations requiring knowledge of the local environment and the language. The price is set per hour for one interpreter. The price includes the time the interpreter is with you, regardless of whether the interpreting is done.

Translation in front of a notary

We provide interpreting for notary agreements. We offer over 35 language combinations of sworn interpreters.


Legalization is a certification of a given document that certifies its authenticity. Each document has a different order of legalization depending on the issuing authority. They are subject to validation as Bulgarian documents needed abroad, as well as documents issued abroad, which will be used in Bulgaria and are pre-provided with the necessary additional seals affixed.

Translation and Legalization Agency CityMar

Offers highly professional translations of excellent quality from and to all languages.


We work with a wide range of qualified translators and editors with extensive professional experience.

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CityMar Translation and Legalization Agency guarantees high-quality services, precision and speed in order to meet the high requirements of our clients.